September: Life Insurance Awareness Month

Smiling family

Life can change in an instant. But should the unexpected happen, life insurance can help preserve the financial future of the people who depend on you the most.

Why it matters: If a wage earner should die unexpectedly, 42% of households would face financial hardship within six months and 25% would suffer financially within a month, according to LIMRA , a consulting firm for the financial services industry. In addition:

  • 22% of insured Americans (29 million) believe they need more life insurance and for those without life insurance, 59% say they need it;
  • 73 million Americans say they need life insurance;
  • 31% of consumers plan to purchase new life insurance as a result of the COVID pandemic; and
  • 45% of Millennials said they are more likely to buy life insurance due to COVID-19 than Baby Boomers (15%) or Gen X consumers (31%).

Peace of mind: When combined with medical coverage, our suite of employer-paid and voluntary insurance solutions—life, short- and long-term disability, vision, critical illness and accident insurance—creates a comprehensive benefits package and gives employers, their employees, and their families complete peace of mind.

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