As a photographer, Michelle sees the world differently.

"It sounds weird, but I can find beauty in the most unlikely places," Michelle said. "I'm either zooming in on the tiny details or I'm looking at the big picture. Either way, there's a story there."

Having studied photography in college, Michelle now runs her own studio. She spends most of her days working with clients and helping them capture their special moments.

"Every picture tells a story," Michelle said. "My job is to find the story and figure out how to tell it visually. Angles, lighting and focus all contribute to that process."

No matter where she goes or what she's doing, Michelle is always plugged in and connected to some sort of device. Whether she's posting new images to social media, texting her clients or studying her latest images on her laptop, her eyes are always on a screen.

Eventually, staring at screens every day took a toll on her eyes. See started to notice her vision was sometimes blurry, and her eyes were often dry and strained.

At first, she didn't think much of it, but then she wondered if she should have an eye exam. She had never needed one before, but she had never had any issues before, either. That’s when she decided to sign up for vision insurance through her husband's employer.

"Obviously, I rely on my eyes to do my work," Michelle said, "and it's important that I protect them."

Thanks to the large vision network, she was able to find a local doctor with flexible hours and schedule an appointment right away. When she arrived at her appointment, she felt a little apprehensive, but she knew she was doing the right thing.

During her eye exam, Michelle discovered that she needed glasses for reading.

"I was a little surprised," Michelle said, "and a little relieved. I wasn't sure what to expect."

Michelle's doctor wrote her a prescription and gave her some tips on protecting her eyes. She was then able to pick out and save on a trendy pair of brand-name glasses that complemented her unique style.

"By taking care of small problems now," Michelle said, "means I’m better able to avoid bigger problems in the future. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I was no longer able to do what I do. I love photography and can't imagine doing anything else."